LAUNCHMED's® business intelligence solutions and expertise help healthcare organizations maximize financial performance and improve clinical and quality outcomes in an ever-changing complex regulatory environment.

The LaunchStar™ ACO Solution

Download our ACO Solutions and Services Pamphlet

Download our ACO Solutions and Services Pamphlet

The LaunchStar™ ACO Solution is designed specifically to meet the analytical and reporting needs of Accountable Care Organizations. The module features a robust, ACO-specific analytic management dashboard that puts vital information front and center. It provides a real-time, graphic display of the most important data for monitoring, assessing, and managing ACO performance.

Analytics SolutionThe ACO Solution can accept data from a variety of sources, including but not limited to electronic health records, CMS-provided claims and encounter shared data files, lab services and results, hospitals, and pharmacy data.

The ACO Solution aggregates, analyzes, and presents ACO data in reports with drill-down functionality, allowing users to view both high-level and highly detailed information quickly and easily. The comprehensive suite of dynamic and interactive reporting tools track and trend data from all ACO functions, and include:

Performance measurement tools:

  • Measure ACO-specific quality, financial, and utilization metrics at the organization, group, and physician level
  • Monitor quality and financial performance against regulatory and other established benchmarks
  • Track financial expenditures against CMS-established benchmark for the ACO
  • Stratify and prioritize measures and patients for the greatest ROI potential

Utilization management and tools:

  • Graph and highlight the most pertinent utilization information
  • Monitor utilization metrics, identify network variations, and pinpoint outliers in utilization

Financial management tools:

  • Help ACOs monitor and manage costs, generate ACO savings, and maximize revenue potential

Physician tools:

  • Determine and help close care gaps, identify populations capable of benefiting from care support programs or targeted interventions, and suggest referrals to disease and case management programs
  • Produce physician report cards to identify opportunities for improved physician performance and/ or outliers
  • Physician-specific panel reports identifying care required to close care gaps

Patient and quality management tools:

  • Produce patient report cards providing a complete picture of patient health care and highlighting services required to close care gaps; detect patients eligible for care management or care coordination programs; and identify populations that may benefit from targeted programs
  • Support coordination of care by sharing vital information among physicians
  • Identify populations by quality measure and care gaps

Data Reporting and Management:

  • Measure and report required ACO quality metrics
  • Incorporates CMS CCLF data file of 12 months of historical patient data, and monthly updates
  • Manage beneficiary data sharing preferences
  • Manage assignment of beneficiaries by physician NPI and group TINs
  • Manages beneficiary attribution to physicians
  • Prepare data reports for submission

Beneficiary list and data sharing preferences:

  • Maintain an updated beneficiary list and patient data sharing preferences as required for CMS data requests

Participant Management:

  • Maintain current participant and physician list and demographics to support quality and case management initiatives and reporting

The LaunchStar™ ACO Solution is a must-have ACO enterprise analytics and business intelligence tool that provides unparalleled insight and actionable intelligence. Together with LaunchMed's® ACO Consulting Services, LaunchMed® offers a complete ACO management framework.

Download our ACO Solutions and Services Pamphlet

Download our ACO Solutions and Services Pamphlet

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